Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Girl with bird

This figurine, by Barbara van Oost, is available from Birds Gallery in Melbourne. They also stock a large selection of our new jewellery.
If you are near Kew its worth checking the beautiful works by a select group of local and international artists that they represent.

disc set

This set is made of sterling silver and porcelain. The silver has been brushed and polished giving it a blingy surface that we have never tried before. I do like the contrast with the matt porcelain.

Pebble Necklace

All our pebble necklaces are one offs. Firstly we stain, mold and burnish the porcelain beads.
Then, after firing, we lay all the beads on our work bench and piece together necklaces.
It always takes a couple of goes but we know immediately when we have it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Funghi pots

These pots make me think of mushrooms pushing their heads up through the earth.
Like mushrooms they look their best in small clusters.
All these pots were burnished just before they dried which makes them feel so smooth to touch.

Stainless steel animals

Our porcelain animals brooches have stainless steel cousins.


The angles in these pendants were hand sanded. Very Messy work.
We glazed the inside rim and left the facets matt. I like the way the middle section catches the light.
They are strung on a thick stainless steel cable.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Earrings you cant lose!

I know, its a big call but these would be pretty difficult to lose.
More importantly, they look good too.


I am really happy with how these things turned out.
Not sure what they are, but they make me happy.
I've noticed people like rearranging them into different patterns, but this is how I like them to sit.
Barbara totally disagrees.
Did I mention they are only about 7cms tall.

Animal brooches are back

We made this animal range a couple of years ago.
I was wearing mine, someone commented on it, I mentioned that I made it, they wanted one.
We did them as stainless steel necklaces as well.

Gift Cards

Here are some illustrations that we are turning into gift cards.

More colours


We have been making these collars for a while now. The weather is warming up so I am rather missing wearing mine.
They are lined with felt so they will keep you very warm.
The buttons are made of porcelain.
Collars can be purchased at Craft Victoria or The Rose st Artists Market.
If you are nowhere near Melbourne and want one we can post to far-away places.


Here are some new pieces we have just finished.
They will be available at Craft Victoria, Design a space and The Rose st Artists Market very soon.